Keynote Speakers of ICEDL 2024

Prof. Maria Beatrice Ligorio
University of Bari, Italy

Professor M. Beatrice Ligoria teaches Educational Psychology and a specialized course on E-learning. She a co-founder of the Collaborative Knowledge Building Group (www.ckbg.org) and is the main editor of the journal Qwerty. She is currently member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Association of Psychology (AIP) for the section of Developmental and Educational Psychology. She has been a member of EARLI and the ISCAR Executive Committee. She has been nominated by the Minister of Education, Instruction and University as a member for the National Scientific Qualification. Her research interests lie in the areas of educational technology, innovation in education, communities, identity, learning organization, intersubjectivity, blended and mobile learning, dialogical approach, virtual environments, sustainable learning, knowledge building, social networks and web-forum in education.